Tuesday, 27 July 2010

The New Face Of Venture Capital,

check out this slideshow. A fascinating insight into venture capital:
overview - Based on Morgan Stanleys study over a 22 year period on every single technology IPO in North America, only 1 in 20 startups made it to an IPO and only one in 20 of those companies created shareholder value afterwards, making the overall success rate 0.25% or 1 in 400!

change needs to be an intrinsic part of Startups - Think big, start small and be agile in response to market reaction!

VC's have started moving up the ladder and less receptive to early stage and pre-revenue propositions preferring de-risking of investment to potential ROI.

If you fail try to make it as early and cheap as possible.


  1. Imran,

    Great blog and fascinating insight on the issues facing this world at the moment? However this only takes into account companies that took the option to float.What of those that continue to trade privately?

    Anna Sassin

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